Reel Time ep. 23: Robert Altman; 50/50

It's a Reel Time episode... and it happens every week... 

Ty hosts Deepayan and myself as we attempt to nutshell Robert Altman's career through his 1973 Raymond Chandler adaptation "The Long Goodbye" (Elliot Gould, Sterling Hayden) and his 2001 Oscar contender "Gosford Park" (Clive Owen, Helen Mirren, Michael Gambon, Tom Hollander, Ryan Phillipe, Emily Watson). As Ty points out, it is difficult to capture the essence of Altman in a mere hour while only discussing two of the man's many films, but I do ramble a bunch so perhaps that helps attain the proper vibe. We wrap up by covering new cancer comedy "50/50".

Next week: Spotlight on "persona non grata" Lars von Trier, including his new picture, "Melancholia"!

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