Reel Time ep. 27: 2011 NIFF; Abbas Kiarostami Spotlight

Ty, Deepayan and myself take a bite out of Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami through his films "Close-Up" (1990) and "Certified Copy" (2010), which ambiguously debate the validity of authenticity and the general nature of art and perception. To open I also delve briefly in to the 3rd annual Naples International Film Festival in which I had the pleasure of meeting a good handful of actors and directors including Sam Jaeger ("Take Me Home", "Scrubs S02E13 - My Philosophy") and Jess Weixler ("The Lie", "Teeth"). I cover my reaction to the lovely Valerie Weiss' "Losing Control" and anticipation of forthcoming distribution for dynamic duo Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina's fantastic-sounding documentary about cancer-stricken comedian and all-around great guy Steve Mazan, "Dying to Do Letterman" (which you can and should learn more about at dyingtodoletterman.com).

Next week: Béla Tarr!

Listen to the episode at (the soon-to-be-remodeled, newly .commed) Reel Time!

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