My Week: January 7, '12

Lynn Hershman-Leeson, 2002
Sure, not the most stellar of starts my 2012 could have seen. Hey, I'm a little burned out (even skipped an opportunity to see "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" for free in favor of just lying there... on the bed there). There will always be more and more films to traverse - upcoming gems and an endless backlog of treasures - but for now, simply for the sake of keeping this column a weekly affair, I'm reveling in the endearingly cheap softcore pornography-esque aesthetic of apparently cyber erotica-centric auteur Lynn Hershman-Leeson's second collaboration with Tilda Swinton. "Teknolust" features four very different Tildas, one of whom is named Rosetta Stone and wishes she looked like Björk and three of whom are clones surviving on sperm injections and routinely dancing for their creator as pictured above. Fun stuff? Oh, you know it. "This is the life, this is the life..."

Total: 1

Rewatches (1): Friends with Benefits (Gluck, 2011)

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