Beach Bum Cum Laude: Talking "The Descendants" with Actor Nick Krause

Definitive American auteur Alexander Payne’s (“About Schmidt”, “Sideways”) latest opus, the major Oscar contender “The Descendants”, has generated plenty of buzz for its performances, one of which almost goes unnoticed for the deceivingly natural way it blends in with the film’s Hawaiian environment. Up-and-comer Nick Krause (pronounced “Kr-ow-zee”) co-stars as Sid, a youthful surfer dude tagging along for what appears to be dubious moral support and mere comic relief before he imparts sobering insight in to his own background. Personally for Krause, the opportunity to work with Payne and A-list headliner George Clooney was indispensable. Professionally, the work’s success has sent his burgeoning star skyward through an exciting awards circuit and plenty of groundwork for a bright future.

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