Legends' House Season 2 Fantasy Casting

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Since its announcement several years ago, "Legends' House" just sounded like an awful idea to me. Another case of WWE striking when the iron has cooled on a trend, and making a mockery of its legacy and those who helped build it with blood, sweat and tears. Boy, was I wrong.

"Legends' House" was not only worth the wait for sheer entertainment value, it was an honest look behind the curtain at the wrestling business and a handful of beloved individuals' hard roads from territories to television and beyond. The brief 9-episode show (plus a reunion) is must-see for any wrestling fan. Even when it falls to the goofy levels of its "reality" predecessors, it's still a hoot just because it involves these, well, legendary characters.

I'm sure WWE is moving quickly to assemble further seasons for this hit concept. This first outing has begun to be referred to as "Season 1" as opposed to simply by the show title, after all.

Hit the jump to see my ideas for which eight Legends should next inhabit the House.

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Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Greatly deserving new inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame Jake Roberts has been on a difficult road - one we got a deeper look in to through his emotional induction speech this past April. Love him or love to hate him based on his character over the years, there's no way you're not rooting for Roberts to persevere and give the very best he's got left. Roberts himself has apparently even expressed interest in being a part of the show.
It's tough not to feel bad suggesting something that would potentially exploit a situation as apparently sensitive as Roberts' wellbeing, but being in a new environment surrounded by supportive housemates would surely bring out some fascinating moments from the man. Perhaps involving himself in Legends' House would help scratch Roberts' itch to be in the ring and bring closure to the active performer that still stirs within him.

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Ted DiBiase
Everybody's got a price, but I would imagine simply judging from his continued, seemingly joyous presence in the WWE that Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase would welcome an opportunity to become a member of the Legends' House. If you're asking me, DiBiase was one of the very best all-around performers of his time - truly a total package and a defining example of the term "legend" in the wrestling business.
I don't know much about the man behind the character, which would make DiBiase's presence on the show even more intriguing, at least to me. I do know, however, that he's a good storyteller, a genuinely funny guy, and his life has not been so rosy as to forego any of the heartfelt revelations that made the final few episodes of Season 1 so unforgettable.

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Michael P.S. Hayes
A legend whose legacy goes way back through WCCW (and could arguably be credited with galvanizing that promotion's place in history), Freebird Michael Hayes found himself in hot water last year upon offering a drink to the recently rehabbed Rosa Mendes. Even without that alleged incident fresh in the collective memory, who wouldn't want this loose cannon on a reality show surrounded by his compatriots?
Hayes is oft-featured on WWE programming, and always outspoken and brazen on every subject from nuances of the business and its stars to his own self-deprecation. A bit of a wild card, he would bring further elements of the unexpected ("What's he going to say next??"), and seeing him get along (or not) with the rest of the group would surely make for good television at the very least.

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Jesse "The Body" Ventura
Oh no, I'm certainly not suggesting Vince McMahon could possibly join Legends' House per the picture. This was simply the best Jesse Ventura image I could find to match the rest!
Anyhow, the former Governor of Minnesota could be a longshot due to his continued political involvement, though he certainly hasn't left wrestling completely in his rearview as illustrated through rare appearances on the programming (most recently in a guest host/commentating capacity for one night in 2009).
Though I personally remain ignorant to his history in the ring with the AWA, Ventura may well be my favorite commentator of all time and I would be thrilled at the prospect of seeing his wits match against other housemates.

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Sgt. Slaughter
Let it never be said that Sgt. Slaughter appears to be anything but a wonderful guy, but through his continued appearances on WWE programming he has come across as a big kid, and one who is not all that self-aware.
Slaughter would lend an instantly iconic presence to the Legends' House, and possibly become the Tony Atlas of Season 2, if you will.

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Dusty Rhodes
Full disclosure - I was totally about to put Ron Simmons here before I remembered Dusty. Simmons would be a "damn" excellent addition to the show, I'm sure, though I'm hard-pressed to come up with any particular reason why beyond that he's a legend, he seems in good health and he's still on apparently good terms with the company.
Dusty, on the other hand... I'm honestly not sure what I should even bother saying about him that isn't already obvious from the simple idea of, holy cow, Dusty Rhodes should totally be on Legends' House! I mean, how entertaining would that be?
Then Ric Flair can guest on an episode a la The Iron Sheik and we'll get to kick back and see what happens (please don't cast Flair as a housemate, though, please).

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"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
All reality shows do it. Rather than bring back just one member of Season 1, however, I would love to see WWE bring back two. Duggan and Atlas may be more of a draw due to their long-standing heat that people will surely want to tune in for like a car wreck, but I'd much rather see more of the endearing friendship that budded between Duggan and Piper. Each star could room with someone different, rather than each other again, just to mix it up.
Shoot, I would eagerly watch a new season of the exact same cast all over again - I enjoyed each housemate's involvement very much (they should even bring back Ashley) - but if I can get spoiled with just two returning, Duggan and Piper would be the two as they were the Season 1 standouts, not just as individuals but also as a duo.

Even if WWE doesn't stack the deck as much as I'm dreaming they could with this star-studded casting (which is not to suggest the well-balanced Season 1 was lacking by any means), the concept should carry it to repeat success. Either way, the future of the House is promising in the long run - just imagine once Attitude Era stars and Divas are ready to move in.

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