WTYWtD has evolved once more

Hey, here comes another entry in my self-important "look I tweaked my blog a little" series! Call it an amateur archivist effort to preserve prior appearances. Or something.

With the increased traffic flow to WTYWtD (odd, considering I haven't been posting as much over the recent year, but I'll take it) I decided to attempt optimization of my monetization... in other words, to stop being shy about placing ads.

I know, ads are annoying. I promise I won't use the super obstructive kind, and I think you'll find the blog just as easily navigable as before (label tabs up top with a new directory page for archives by post type).

Truly, I appreciate the traffic either way, and now I will appreciate it more as it adds a few cents to my growing family's grocery allowance. And when I say "a few cents" I mean that literally, but hey, it's a few more cents than I had before, and I do mean it - I thank you for your support and I hope my content, which is only ever delivered when I'm inspired as opposed to when I feel I need to make a buck (or, more accurately, .04% of one), is worth your while.

This "evolution" has also seen the retirement of those sidebar buttons I loved so much. They became a signature, in a sense. I knew they were taking away from the effectiveness of the new concept, but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them. Then, in all honesty, I had a few cocktails and clicked delete on the wrong layout element. That made that easy. The buttons are preserved after the jump in all their Beckinsaley, Ceasary and Cruisey glory:

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