QUICKIE: Intermission (John Crowely, 2004)

Life is what happens in between. That's the tagline for this film about how a single break-up between two lovers results in a chain reaction of events that normally would appear unrelated. I'm pretty hip to the notion that even the smallest things we do or don't do can change the course of our lives - I don't really need it explained to me again. I am thankful, however, that Intermission didn't talk to me as Donnie Darko did - as if I was a small child with no comprehension skills. It was actually rather subtle.

I was looking forward to Intermission for the performances of Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrell, both of whom yet again hit it out of the park and into the bay with some stellar acting. The filmmaking is nothing spectacular - the handheld-zoom-zoom-whatever style that director John Crowley utilizes is not as compelling as he might think it is.

There is certainly some quality to be found... you may want to decide for yourself. If anything, there are a few fun scenes sprinkled hither and thither.

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