QUICKIE: The Machinist (Brad Anderson, 2004)

Remember in Adaptation, when Charlie Kaufman's brother is writing this ridiculous, meaningless screenplay that he somehow finds compelling beyond belief? Well, The Machinist isn't nearly that bad, but it gives you an idea what kind of movie it is. While an excercise in decent pre-production without a doubt, the production itself exists as mere volume to me. I'm sure it is a matter of personal taste, because I am not into the oversaturated style that makes the movie look like David Fincher's leftovers, and I really despised one of the most typical, plodding musical scores I've heard this side of Meet Joe Black.

Brad Anderson's directing seems to have quelled the actors' performances - Christian Bale and Jennifer Jason Leigh are incredible, but every so often they appear forced into acting a way they don't feel is quite right. I respect Bale's dedication to the film. His bodily deterioration is even more impressive than DeNiro's weight gain for Raging Bull.

Throughout the entire piece, there seems to be little reason for any of the events, but Trevor Reznik (Bale) is too intriguing a character not to keep watching. After what seems like too long and all is said and done, however, everything feels pointless.

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  1. Recovered comment posted by MaryS on December 5th, 2007:

    i didnt know that's what you did in your spare time, dr acula. i dont recall much of this movie, but i remember liking it, not only because of bale's character or acting (as in "making you forget this is acting"), but because insomnia is an ever intriguing and compelling theme to me, and this movie delivered it effectively. anyway, i'll watch your reviews closely now,my friend boardmember!


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