ARTICLE: Tribute to Brittany Murphy

As published in the Fall 2010 issue of Bayfront Magazine.

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-It was with [the humble role of Tai in "Clueless"] we began to see ourselves in Murphy - a reflection that rarely faded throughout her catalogue.

-[Across her body of work, there] would always be something about the star's relative outsider demeanor we could empathize with.

-In '96 she recorded an informational piece on Angeles National Forest's Wildlife Waystation, enthusiastically promoting animal rights and educating about the unique facility.

-She impressed troops during a USO tour for which she was lauded as a fun, caring individual who was there for the right reasons.

-Famous friends and collaborators of Murphy's recall her as "unique and electric" ("8 Mile" director Curtis Hanson), "effervescent" ("Shrinking Charlotte" co-star Matthew Lillard) and "a little piece of sunshine" ("Just Married" co-star and ex-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher).