ARTICLE: "Twilight" Star Kristen Stewart

As published in the Fall 2010 issue of Bayfront Magazine.

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-Los Angeles native Kristen Jaymes Stewart is undoubtedly best known for playing Isabella Swan, lip-nibbling vampire lover in the "Twilight Saga" phenomenon, but what might we have missed or, perhaps, not given a chance?

-Opting to complete much of her education outside a traditional school setting, "KStew" focused her adolescence on acting - a bold decision easily attributable to her oft-complimented, mature-beyond-her-years disposition.

-Not afraid to venture further through tense subject matter, Stewart moved on to appear in Showtime's emotionally demanding feature, "Speak". Her portrayal therein, of a verbally shut down rape victim, attained critical acclaim for its careful nuance and unconventionally caustic levity.

-Between full-steam "Twilight" productions, Stewart has continued to explore provocative, independent cinema. Last year she took the mic sporting legendary rocker Joan Jett's duds, 'do and delivery in "The Runaways" alongside worthy child sensation and "Twilight Saga" co-star Dakota Fanning. This year, her performance in "Welcome to the Rileys" buzzed throughout the Sundance Film Festival, touted by USA Today as "fearless" while Roger Ebert declared, "I'm discovering an important new actress."

-Considering the internet's probing social outlets, today's is a culture of open exposure and, subsequently, vulnerability. Stewart shamelessly embodies the mentality behind that vulnerability in aspects of her public life, further implementing it professionally to signify her film roles.

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