FILM(S): Rock Candy/Previous Engagement (2004)

In 2004 at Full Sail, a writing class group consisting of myself, Taneeka Adams, Mario Davis, Leticia Moran and Justin Moran-Duquette collaborated to write Bulb, a short screenplay about a reclusive literature fanatic (loosely based on Stephen Root's portrayal of Milton Waddams in Office Space) braving customer service calls and a visit to a department store in attempt to repair his custom reading lamp. Our screenplay was not selected for development as one of the class' final projects (those selections being The Partner and Disposable Loan Shark), but we went on to enter an online 48-Hour Film Festival with new ideas - Rock Candy from Justin (pictured far-left) and Previous Engagement from Leticia (who, as she did for Anything for Mom, provided equipment) - opting to split the festival into two 24-Hour projects. I took the writer's chair, bringing on Kaci Machacyk (pictured near-left) to co-write Engagement, providing a female perspective (Kaci, who plays the female character, also provided an original song for the introduction and credits sequence).

For Candy, we took to Orlando's Orange Blossom Trail in search of sketchy, run-down buildings. We found the abandoned coin laundry and spent probably two hours shooting, uninterrupted, under Leticia's direction and camera operation. I recorded the character's narration under Justin's direction after the fact. Oh, and the vehicle Mario rolls up in at the end is my beloved 2003 Neon. We never heard back from the festival coordinators after submitting this one.

For Engagement, we filmed at Leticia's house under Justin's direction and camera operation. The shoot probably lasted between three and four hours. Kaci and I, just as we did for the writing process, paired up to edit the piece. Though Kaci's father is an open-minded fellow, we did edit a sex-scene-free version to show him. After submitting this second film, the festival coordinators uploaded it to their website for public viewing and voting.

The films themselves aren't glowing examples of great cinema, nor do they represent pinnacles of my output from my time at Full Sail, but I'll be damned if they weren't the most fun to make. I was a key member of a mutually respectful group of like-minded people, we made what we wanted to make and we had a load of fun doing it. Much of the great pleasure on a film set comes not only from the world you are presenting through the lens, but also the surrogate family you create with your cast and crew. For only being in the thick of production for forty-eight hours, we definitely experienced that great pleasure.


  1. Haha oh my god I just found this blog entry...that's uh...that's me in my bra. :p

  2. Ahahaha :) Good memories, indeed. If you want I can password protect the video (it only has 7 views though, so... haha).


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