FILM: With Skyward Eyes (2011)

In Winter Park, FL, early 2008, I filmed a jam session/rehearsal for my Dark Departure buddy and drummer Ryan Stevens' band, With Skyward Eyes. Harley Marcel and Matt Elstone were on guitar. The band played out of a mostly barren loft, the bottom floor of which was used to house a small t-shirt screen-printing operation and occasional raquetball shenanigans (y'know, unwinding). The songs you'll hear are, to my knowledge, the only songs they recorded before breaking up to pursue individual interests.

Ryan remains on the lookout for drumming opportunities while studying environmental science at the University of Central Florida. Harley is now a member of Backstage Romance. Matt is a piercer for a Delaware tattoo studio, and gathering from his MySpace page it would seem we share ink work from the same Winter Park-based artist.

To fit this on Vimeo I had to compress it down to under 500MB, so the video quality isn't quite what it could be (I filmed in HD) but the audio hasn't been touched. Enjoy!

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