ICON Goes Digital!

In a new blog post, editor-in-chief Julie Rabbani has announced Icon Magazine's switch to digital on the heels of Borders' bankruptcy. Following explosive beginnings in Naples, FL under the Bayfront banner, Icon's second issue was distributed nationwide in Borders and Barnes & Noble locations. With print becoming less and less practical from financial and environmental perspectives, "Icon decided to jump in with both feet and not fall with the bookstores."

From the post:
"ICON will be a free publication to the public. This means that now anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to gt an email subscription and get notified whenever the new issue is released. Anyone can go on our website and view the magazine. Not only will this attract more viewers globally, but it will also increase sales for advertisers. All the links in the magazine will be clickable and take the viewer directly to the sites that are listed. Digital means no more limited page count, more ad space available and social media will be bursting at the seams.
"ICON will not only sell ad space in the magazine but also online advertising on the site itself.
"ICON is in the process of having the site revamped by some of the top designers in the industry. It will be an interactive site with rich media and video, also integrated will be the magazine blog, twitter and facebook."

Icon's Spring issue will be available by the end of March across the virtual newsstands of Apple (iPad, iPhone), Amazon (Kindle) and various other computer- and handheld-based venues.

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