INTERVIEW: Dr. Nakhla's 10 Tips for Healthy Summer Skin

Excerpts from my interview with Dr. Tony N. Nakhla, published in the Summer 2011 issue of Icon Magazine.

Dr. Tony N. Nakhla, D.O., F.A.O.C.D., or simply “Dr. Tony” to his patients, is a Los Angeles dermatologist, dermatologic surgeon, medical director of the OC Skin Institute and author of the upcoming “The Skin Commandments: 10 Rules to Healthy, Beautiful Skin”. Proficient in both cosmetic and medical fields, he is an expert on maintaining the skin you’re in. He states, “Not just myself but the American Academy of Dermatologists recommends you protect all sun-exposed areas on a daily basis. Even through windows on cloudy days the sun’s ultraviolet rays are extremely damaging to skin cells.” So before you break out that hot new two-piece, bear the doctor’s tips in mind.

Dr. Nakhla’s career in dermatology began when he sought a means by which to combine his artistic inclination with his drive to help people. On any given day he might see a cancer patient in one room and a skin rejuvenation appointment in the next. This dual expertise gives him a professional edge yet still doesn’t approximately define the man as he is also deeply passionate about the provision of medical relief in Third World countries. In Antigua Guatemala he filmed and hosted a pilot, highlights of which are viewable at OCSkinInstitute.com, in which medical students and doctors from various specialties including himself set up shop wherever they could and people lined up for blocks to receive simple well visits or to have serious unchecked illnesses treated – medicine in its purest form, with no bureaucratic middle men getting in the way.

Nakhla drew inspiration for “The Skin Commandments” from seeing many of his patients’ frustrations with an over-abundance of “stuff”. He says, “Whether it’s Justin Bieber or Cindy Crawford or even P. Diddy promoting a skin care line on an infomercial, or every department store carrying a magic facial brush or washcloth you can buy for a couple hundred dollars, there’s really no guide out there for people, and a lot of times people turn to non-professionals for advice. I want to offer simplified, down-to-earth solutions for skin care problems and give bottom-line basics for what is needed to achieve healthy and beautiful skin.”

“The Skin Commandments” will be available this September.

Read the 10 tips in Icon's Summer 2011 Issue!

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