INTERVIEW: Hope Dworaczyk - Triple Threat!

Excerpts from my interview with Hope Dworaczyk, published in the Summer 2011 issue of Icon Magazine.

With the titles of creator, producer and co-host of a fashion program, a contestant on the latest “Celebrity Apprentice” and 2010’s Playboy Playmate of the Year, one might think Hope Dworaczyk has reached a pinnacle in her career where in fact she’s only just gotten started. The down-to-earth Texan’s successes thus far serve as stepping stones to further ventures including film roles and a line of bath and body products. She opens up to Icon about trials of the past, aspirations for the future and just how it feels to be Hope.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but I had no idea Robert Rodriguez was in fashion design. [You've walked for him], what’s his runway like?
I guess it’s very modern woman but it’s still that classic, sophisticated look for the most part and that’s what I’ve come to wear in my own wardrobe, so I like walking for him because I’m also a fan.

What sort of character do you play [in your upcoming film "Without Men"]?
It’s an independent comedy alongside Eva Longoria, who I had never met before but she was very, very sweet, and then Christian Slater who I had done charity work with before. All of the men leave the town for the Civil War and we’re left to fend for ourselves, and when they come back it’s a battle of the sexes. It’s based on book by James Canon called “Tales from the Town of Widows”. I’ve also guested on “CSI”, but really I’m a host and a model so it’s hard to adapt to some of these roles even though I’m taking classes and things like that, so I’m really excited for this first opportunity I’ve had.

I hear since becoming Playmate of the Year you’ve learned to be selective with what scripts you accept. What sorts of parts have you turned down?
I want to do comedy, but if it’s not the right director I don’t just look at the one-parters. It has to be right, they have to know what I’m going for and who I am and who I’m not. It’s less ‘turning down roles’ but looking at the entire cast, the background, where the movie came from… it’s just picking and choosing. There’s nothing specifically, it’s just that I’ve been naked before so I need a new kind of challenge. An actress that’s done ten movies who suddenly is doing it like when Kate Winslet did it, and she’s been naked in a couple movies, that was, I think, because she hadn’t done it before, but I’ve done it so those are the kinds of roles I turn down now because I want to prove myself in other ways.

Many haven’t so much as heard your voice; you’re widely known just for your body. How does it feel to know you’re revered in this manner?
I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think when I [first posed for Playboy at 23] I was more shy about that. I hated it, actually, to be honest. It kind of sucks to only be known for that. You want so much more. It depends on who you are, I guess, but I know I’m so much more so at 26 I’m like, okay, there’s no way you go out and show it all, it just takes time.

Was the 3D shoot you did handled any differently than what you’re used to?
Every shot was with different cameras. You had, I think, three or four… I’m not sure, even though it’s called “3D”, whether it’s three or four cameras. One will have blue, one will be done with red film, then it’s put together but they’re taken simultaneously. I didn’t know it was such a big deal to Hugh Hefner until he told me later. They told me this story before but when Hef tells you it’s just completely different with numerous details and things like that. The very first issue he did with Marilyn Monroe he wanted to do in 3D because that was the big thing, but he couldn’t afford to put in the glasses you would need to view it. 50 years later, yeah, we did do it, and it was like checking something off on his bucket list so I thought that was a very cool thing.

Read the full interview in Icon's Summer 2011 Issue!

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