Radical Predictions for WWE Money in the Bank 2014

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For the fourth week in a row, WWE is in the thick of another excellent round of programming this time featuring some of the year's most memorable segments (Vickie's pudding-soaked farewell and Ziggler vs. Barrett just this past Monday, for example), and seems to be gearing up for a fourth stellar Pay-Per-View in a row with Money in the Bank.

Hit the jump to break down what could very well go down at the forthcoming special event, along with some radical predictions for the ladder-based affairs.


WWE Legends' House Season 2 Fantasy Casting

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Since its announcement several years ago, "Legends' House" just sounded like an awful idea. Another case of WWE striking when the iron has cooled on a trend, and making a mockery of its legacy and those who helped build it with blood, sweat and tears. Boy, was I wrong.

"Legends' House" was not only worth the wait for sheer entertainment value, it was an honest look behind the curtain at the wrestling business and a handful of beloved individuals' hard roads from territories to television and beyond. The brief 9-episode show (plus a reunion) is must-see for any wrestling fan. Even when it falls to the goofy levels of its "reality" predecessors, it's still a hoot just because it involves these, well, legendary characters.

One would imagine WWE is moving quickly to assemble further seasons for this hit concept. The first outing has begun to be referred to as "Season 1,", after all.

Hit the jump to see my ideas for which eight Legends should next inhabit the House.


WWE Money in the Bank 2014: Weighing World Title Contenders' Chances

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With a shockingly excellent sophomore outing for the Payback event in the rear view, we're now on the heels of an unusually thorough and exciting Raw this past Monday (Stardust!) with Money in the Bank fast approaching on the horizon.

With Cena's carefully executed stretcher match victory over Kane, the final entrant for the WWE World Heavyweight Title ladder match has been decided (and let's hope runners-up such as Ziggler, Rusev and Barrett will be placed in a briefcase ladder match at the last minute).

Hit the jump to break down the chances of each qualifier in this year's Money in the Bank main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Title (which, with all due respect for each belt's history, should really be merged in to one new belt featuring the new WWE logo... I mean, right?).