FILM: Scream Until You're Hoarse (2010)

I may as well get to putting this up, if only for the sake of posterity (and for feeling like at least something was accomplished through all our effort). As was left unchronicled in the production updates (linked below), the post-production on "Scream Until You're Hoarse" became detrimentally shaky (lack of funding, the ever-dreaded creative differences, etcetera) to the point that for utterly unalterable reasons the project had to be abandoned, leaving us with what you see here - the rough cut.

This cut is essentially the result of digital dailies - a piece put together to showcase for the actors immediately once principle photography wrapped. There are no special effects (thereby an entire character is missing and another only delivers half her performance, subsequently depriving crucial visual and verbal plot elements), none of Andrew Edwards' music is present and many scenes and shots have been left out as they were only captured via DV that hadn't been uploaded at the time. You'll see shots at normal speed and direction that were intended to be sped up and reversed. You'll see equipment in reflections and much more that was planned for the meticulous magic of rotoscoping. You'll see much more and much less.

Hopefully amidst the clunkfest something once-salvageable is apparent from a third party vantage. Let me tell you, nights watching this footage after uploading it from a day of shooting were some of the most exhilarating times I've had - we were proud of what we had done!

Viewing password: WTYWTD

Read about the making of this footage (the also-incomplete behind-the-scenes featurette of which is in unfortunately un-shareable form) in these production journal entries, which include crediting of performers and personnel involved:
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Full Gallop Ahead
Last Few Bricks
Bloodshot Eye of the Storm
Teaser Trailer
Kickstart Me Up!
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